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Seminar 1: Radiological Protection of Patients
Seminar 2: Radiation Protection in NORM industries
Seminar 3: Radiation Protection in the nuclear industry
Seminar 1: Radiological Protection of Patients
Cousins.pdf ICRP and Protection of Patients.

Claire Cousins (UK)

Vano.pdf ICRP and Diagnostic Reference Levels.

Eliseo Vañó (ES)

Borras.pdf The IOMP and RP of Patients.

Caridad Borras (ES)

Buzzi.pdf Why medical doctors could be interested in RP of patients.

Alfredo Buzzi (AR)

Miranda.pdf Radiation Protection in Pediatric Cardiology.

Patricia Miranda (CL)

Duran.pdf Radiation Protection in Interventional Cardiology.

Ariel Duran (UY)

Maccia.pdf Surveys of patient doses and guidance (reference) levels.

Carlo Maccia (FR)

Rojo.pdf Protection of Patients in Nuclear Medicine.

Ana Rojo (AR)

Ortiz.pdf Preventing accidents in radiotherapy.

Pedro Ortiz (ES)

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Seminar 2: Radiation Protection in NORM industries
Canoba.pdf Introduction

Analía Canoba (AR)

Garcia Tenorio.pdf General Radiation Protection Considerations: Application of the Standards to Activities involving NORM Material.

R. García-Tenorio (ES)

Aquino.pdf NORM Industrial Activities most likely to require regulatory considerations 

Josilto de Aquino (BR)

Birky.pdf Inhalation Dose Assessments in NORM industries

Brian Birky (US)

  Radiological assessment and management of NORM residues in the phosphate industry: The phosphogypsum case

Julian Hilton (UK)

Godoy.pdf Study case 1: Radiation Protection and NORM residue management in the oil and gas industry

José Marcus Godoy (BR)

  Study case 2. Radiation protection and NORM residue management in metal processing industries.

A. Poffijn (BE)

Carvalho.pdf Study case 3: Monitoring, surveillance and environmental radioactive impact associated to the mining of Uranium 

F.P. Carvalho (PT)

Gehrcke.pdf NORM Regulations: Practical Imlementation in Industries

Klaus Gehrcke (DE)

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Seminar 3: Radiation Protection in the nuclear industry
Saint Pierre.pdf The importance of enhancing worldwide industry cooperation in RP, WM and decommissioning.

Silvain Saint Pierre (UK)

Harris.pdf Dose Monitoring to Dose Optimization: the challenge in the large scale mining and processing of radioactive ores

Harris, Franck (AU)

Larsson.pdf A defueled decontaminated NPP available for training, test and research in full scale real environment.

Larsson, Güran (SE)

Lindvall.pdf From dusk to dawn: a new approach for a NPP post-operating program.

Lindvall, Carl (SE)

Lips.pdf RP workforce need /RP career development in Swizertland.

Lips, Marcel (CH)

Diaz.pdf Radiation Protection in Nuclear Industry (focusing on few key issues)

Diaz, Eduardo (AR)

Sollet.pdf Cofrentes Undervessel project in RFO 16 (2007)

Sollet, Eduardo (ES)

Sanda 1.pdf Atucha NPP: Different level of knowledge for personnel.

Sanda, Alejandro (AR)

Sanda 2.pdf Atucha NPP: Dosimetric System – Personnel Dose Control.

Sanda, Alejandro(AR)

Perez.pdf Atucha I: unforeseen personnel exposure

Pérez, Silvia (AR)

De Oliveira.pdf Angra NPP: Steam generator replacement radiological protection plan.

De Oliveira, Magno (BR)

Lopez Vietri.pdf Transport of  Co-60 from the Argentine nuclear power plant in Embalse.

López Vietri, Jorge (AR)

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